Four Red Flags Your Job Listings Are Sending

A job posting or job listing is essentially an advertisement that’s meant to sell candidates on the job. The ad needs to entice the job seeker to have them think, “Whoa, this job sounds great, I want to be doing that!” But because employers are usually so close to the position they need to fill or how their organization operates, businesses often miss the mark when it comes to crafting job advertisements.

As we continue to struggle to hire, here are the most common red flags that you may be including in your job postings that may be causing your job postings to fail.

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Is Kindness the Key to Retention?

When we think of retention tools, we think of perks and benefits, we often talk about free lunches and foosball tables, but in a time when these things are now very common or not as feasible since many workers began working from home in 2020, how can a company hold onto its top talent?

And yes, maybe that foosball table is part of it, but retention really begins with a company that values and prioritizes kindness, empathy, and compassion. It’s not as flashy as a game room, onsite gym, or nap pods, but let’s face it—there’s no harm in being kind. A simple thank you goes a long way and often costs nothing—which is incredibly budget friendly. Regardless of if you’re a Fortune 1000 company or a small business it doesn’t take much to cultivate a workplace based around kindness.

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Why Are Candidates Rejecting Your Job Offers?

You’ve gone through the entire interview process and your ideal candidate has continually impressed you and made it to the offer round. You extend what you feel is a lucrative offer of employment, only to receive a polite “Thank you for the offer but I have to decline”. Why did that happen? You thought you found your dream employee and they seemed eager to take the role only to turn it down in the end. Here are a few reasons why candidates may be rejecting your job offers.

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Why You Should Invest in Talent That Didn't Take the Traditional Path

Long gone are the days a prestigious degree is required for a management role. Most job tasks can be learned through training and sometimes the best employees aren’t those who already have the desired experience, but those who are willing to adapt and pick up the skill set.

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Why You Should Hire Based on Your Business Strategy, Not Job Titles

There’s no one way to hire great talent and using the same strategies for all the positions you need to fill will result in a lackluster team. If you’re looking to build a team with members with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets, look beyond the job title.

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Do You Have Hourly Jobs You Need to Fill?

Let’s agree that hiring hourly workers has always been a challenge, but it’s even harder at the moment. These are the people who showed up and kept the world running while the majority of us stayed home in 2020 and beyond. As a result, these workers are no longer accepting the status quo, because let’s face it—the world has changed!

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National Study Helps Confirm Why It’s So Challenging to Hire Hourly Workers

Survey reveals how hourly workers feel about searching for jobs at the moment, the types of jobs they’re seeking, and what they are most enticed by when it comes to job offers.

Nexxt, a talent solutions technology company, recently announced the results of a national survey of more than 1,200 job seekers which revealed what hourly workers want, the types of hourly jobs that are the most desirable, and who is most likely to search for an hourly job.

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The Benefits of Adding Salary to The Job Description as A Way to Stand Out

Think about the last job you applied to. What caught your eye in the description that enticed you to apply? Great job descriptions include the following: the job title (of course), a summary of the role, along with the responsibilities and duties so that your applicant can gauge their potential day to day. But with so many companies competing for talent, a hot topic that has been up for debate is if you should include the salary in the job description to increase applicants.

Have you ever interviewed a phenomenal candidate only to lose them once it came time to talk salary? It ends up being a major waste of time for all parties involved. You think you’re getting a stellar candidate and they think they’re getting their dream role. Companies are hesitant to list salary ranges in fear of losing potential candidates to competing employers but listing the salary range for a job can actually attract the best fit for your role.

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