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How Stay Interviews Can Help You Avoid The Great Resignation


The phenomenon known as the “Great Resignation” has marked an important shift in the dynamics between employers and employees, giving employees the leverage. Caused by several factors including Covid-19-induced burnout, a reluctance to return to the physical workplace, low salaries, company’s lack of flexibility, and, in general, a reevaluation of personal goals, the Great Resignation has presented new challenges for employers, the most important being to find an effective way to avoid losing employees.

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What Job Seekers Want

The desires of job seekers have shifted over the last few years. While some things never change (the importance of earning a salary for instance is still the most important thing to job seekers), at the moment, job seekers are holding the cards and have power over employers. Expect job seekers to be more confident when it comes to negotiating for salaries, benefits, and flexibility. In fact, thanks to The Great Resignation, job seekers believe it will be easy to find a new job. To learn more about what job seekers want in 2022, check out Nexxt’s latest infographic.

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