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Having Trouble Filling Positions, Look at Your Dress Code


With the shift in the workplace norm, remote work has become more prevalent. It is unlikely that your employees are wearing a three-piece suit or high heels during a Zoom call that only shows the torso up. Comfort is key! Especially when working from home. With an increase in vacant positions and the shift of power from the employer to the employee, candidates are looking for roles that fit their requirements and are refusing to settle for a job that they aren’t comfortable in. If you are having trouble filling vacancies in your department, it may be time to look at your dress code.

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Four Red Flags Your Job Listings Are Sending

A job posting or job listing is essentially an advertisement that’s meant to sell candidates on the job. The ad needs to entice the job seeker to have them think, “Whoa, this job sounds great, I want to be doing that!” But because employers are usually so close to the position they need to fill or how their organization operates, businesses often miss the mark when it comes to crafting job advertisements.

As we continue to struggle to hire, here are the most common red flags that you may be including in your job postings that may be causing your job postings to fail.

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