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The first question I ask a future client is “Do you hire Internationally?” The second question I always ask is: “And where are you having trouble finding talent?”

The primary focus of most companies tasked with hiring internationally is finding resources to fit the needs in each distinct market. Having a board to post jobs in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the list goes on. Is it that easy?

Well, short answer here: Sure, that works.

But let’s dial in a little further and look at two separate more-common-than-you-might-think scenarios.

  1. You are hiring for an IT/Digital Expert. There’s a shortage in the country you’re recruiting in. Where do you go? What do you look for? How do you know where to look?

  2. You’re hiring in a country with really low unemployment. People like their jobs and won’t be leaving any time soon. How do you entice them?

Boston Consulting Group partnered with The Network & their team of 50 leading recruitment websites in over 197 countries to survey over 366,000 workforce respondents. They explored where these people lived & what lines of work they were in, where they would like to live, and what motivates them, so we can use that information to help target talent easier.

So, to explore scenario 1:
In Europe, 57.6% of all respondents in Tech said they were willing to work abroad. They cited broadening personal experience, acquiring more work experience, better career opportunities, better standards of living, and improved salary prospects as why.

Considering your need for an IT expert, consider, for example, posting those positions to locations in Poland or Ukraine. 51.3% of the respondents in Poland expressed a willingness to work abroad, and cited well to do countries like the UK and Germany as their primary destinations.  60% of IT respondents in Ukraine were willing to work abroad in hopes for a better standard of living (24.3%), and improved salary prospects (21.2%).

On to scenario 2:
In Germany currently, unemployment is 3.2%. People are in jobs they are happy with, and the economy is good. Respondents in Germany said the most important thing regarding compensation was amount of paid time and holiday time off. They need to know they will have a good relationship with their coworkers and a good work/life balance. They’d like to work for a company that has strong company values and financial stability.

When you’re posting a job, how do you typically highlight these areas? How do you appeal to the needs and desires of the job seeker? Perhaps it would help to mention the many perks you offer your employees, include employee reviews of their experiences working on your team, and outline the holiday and time off for full time employees to give them a     vision of that coveted work/life balance we all crave.

Whether you’re recruiting in Germany, the US, Malaysia, or beyond, the Global Talent Survey is here to help you target the job seekers you’re looking for, with the criteria that’s important to them. In a market where finding talent is half the race, the Global Talent Survey is there to get you across the finish line.

Did these trends pique your interest? To try it out for yourself by visiting, and check out the Data Tool! And, when you’re ready to put your research to work for you, contact Nexxt– we’re looking forward to helping you take over the world!!

Sarah Morgan is a Global Media Account Manager at Nexxt. It’s a fancy term for “wearing a multitude of hats” for companies hiring internationally through Nexxt – consultant, IT, sales, customer service and guest blogging. She’s never once been stung by a bee. More About Sarah Morgan

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