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Imagine you have 19 kids. (This is just an exercise) (unless you actually do have 19 kids, and my hat goes off to you). Now one of them is allergic to strawberries. Another one absolutely hates turkey sandwiches. The youngest has speech therapy in the morning, and that afternoon, your eldest is in a piano recital.

That’s just 4 out of 19, and you’re already feeling frazzled, aren’t you? 

Now imagine those 19 kids are in reality the 19 countries where your company recruits, and you are the one in charge of creating your global recruitment strategy.

I assure you, this is why most people in charge of Global Talent Acquisition leave the recruitment activities and the job board buying process to their local offices in each country. We all have busy human lives, and remembering who’s allergic to strawberries, while also remembering that Russian job candidates tend to be more passive than active, and getting those req’s filled by the end of the month – it’s too many plates to keep spinning! You only have so much headspace.

Through my next series of blog posts, I’ll write about some easy ways to centralizing your global recruitment in one place, without losing your mind.

The theme of this article - KNOW YOURSELF

1. Know where you recruit – this might come as a shock to most of you, but there’s a decent chance that there’s a signed contract out there with your company’s name on it to recruit on a job board you’ve never heard of in a country you might not even know you were recruiting in. The first step to knowing your recruitment needs is to do a full assessment of where you are recruiting – both the job boards, and the countries.

2. Know your goals and how you define success – We’re all here for the main goal of “hires”, right? But, there are other things that you should focus on, like:

  • What does your pipeline of applicants need to look like to be considered successful?
  • Do you want to incorporate company branding into your recruitment efforts?
  • How much of your budget needs to go towards international recruiting?

Outlining your goals and measures for success, and then having an open conversation with your internal teams, as well as your vendors will help you support these victories.

3. Know your buying power – Let me bring this metaphor back to your 19 children. So, we had the kid in speech therapy, the kid who was allergic to strawberries, the kid who hates turkey sandwiches, and one performing in a piano recital.

In different ways, we’re paying out to make sure each child’s needs are met. If we let each kid run their own budget, well, some would be spending way too much money on hamburgers at McDonalds every day, one going rogue and buying strawberries they shouldn’t have, one kid avoiding piano lessons altogether and not using that budget at all, and again, we still have 15 kids we’re not even discussing.

Taking charge and consolidating the buying power of all the recruitment for your organization brings the buying power together under one budget. You can now leverage your one budget on a global scale to find discounts based on volume and geographic location. And everybody’s needs get met.

Sarah Morgan is a Global Media Account Manager at Nexxt. It’s a fancy term for “wearing a multitude of hats” for companies hiring internationally through Nexxt – consultant, IT, sales, customer service and guest blogging. She’s never once been stung by a bee. More About Sarah Morgan

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