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Recruitment Roundup – What’s the Deal with These Employees?

According to New Survey, US is Still the Top Work-Abroad Choice, But Its Pull is Waning

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Earlier this year, Nexxt worked with The Boston Consulting Group and The Network to survey 366,000 people from 197 countries in order to gain deeper insight into the global workforce. More specifically – where workers around the world are looking for jobs.

One of the major takeaways from this survey is that though the US is still the top choice of global workers, it’s slowly losing its pull to other English-speaking countries, like Canada and the UK. In fact, London was named the top city people are interested in working in, followed by New York and Berlin. New contestants that made an appearance on the top thirty list include, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong.

For a more in-depth analysis on what workers around the world are looking for, check out this article, Decoding Global Talent 2018: The US Is Still the Top Work-Abroad Choice, But Its Pull is Waning. It’s part of the series, Decoding Global Talent 2018, and offers up interesting statistics on what’s going on in the working world today.

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