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Which is Better? Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act?

As the hordes of procrastinators rush to today to beat the deadline to purchase their healthcare and avoid the individual mandate penalties, the site--which was down earlier today--broadcasts the following message:

During times of especially high demand, you may be queued to begin your online Marketplace application to ensure the best possible shopping experience.”

Say what?

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Employment Data - how to make sense of it all?

After a long winter, we will finally get a glimpse into where the employment market is headed.  Here's how to come to your own conclusion.

Unless you have living in Miami or Honolulu, this was probably one of the longest winters you can remember. Winter seems to have been unwilling to let go and continued to pile snow in the Mid Atlantic and North East into March. 

While March had a lot of the snow, it wasn’t as severe as the middle of the winter and we should get a better read on what is actually happening in the employment market.  

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Treat your candidates like your friends: with respect.

Respect_Meme_1Have you ever been a job seeker that has searched endlessly for a job, gone on a promising job interview, and walked out of the interview thinking…”I nailed it!” But then…crickets. Not a peep back. Not a “Sorry, but thanks for coming to talk to us”, or “We’ll keep your resume on file.” Nothing.

This, from the very same company that told you that they would be making a decision in the next week. So, you have no doubt you’ll at least hear whether you got the job or not, right? Wrong! You think to yourself: they took the time to interview me, why they can’t take the time to let me know I didn’t get the job?

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6 Fairy Tale Candidates

CastleJob Finalists:

  • Recluse in major need of a haircut.
  • Aggressive gambler.
  • Panics when it comes to deadlines.
  • Will go to any length to succeed.
  • Living a lie, but reaping the benefits.
  • Game player and a cheat.

These don’t sound like the ideal employees, right?

That’s because you might not be looking at the whole picture. By looking past these qualities you’ll see that the first candidate actually has the ability to work autonomously. The second is a risk taker (which might be good). The third is a hard worker that strives to meet their goals. The fourth, always needs to be the best. The fifth climbed the corporate ladder without even trying. And the sixth is creative.

When you're looking for job candidates, it is sometimes hard to see everything that each candidate brings to the table. However Nexxt’s Career Portfolio makes it a little easier. Check out the career portfolios for six fairy tale characters (and guess who matches witch which description above) that could have possibly had flourishing careers in the real world—if they actually existed.

Read the article published on Business Insider.

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