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Job Postings: Lease or Buy?

We’ve all been through it. 

The car is getting up there in miles, the body style is starting to look a little dated, and the dealer just announced some new models that have the cool bells and whistles that yours doesn’t.  It’s time to get a new ride. 

For-saleOnce you’ve picked out the new car, you  need to make the next big decision: lease or buy.  Financing your  online job advertising is no different.

Buying job postings used to be simple.  You’d call the local paper, give them some copy, and then they’d put an ad in the classifieds section and wait for resumes to arrive. Now,  job advertising has moved online.  Companies look for the right career site, put in a credit card, spend upwards of $500 for an online ad, and hope that the right candidates find their job.  Single-pay job postings can sometimes be a gamble;  if you’re going with a tried-and-true career site that has been in business for a while, has impressive traffic and a good reputation, you’ll get response.  But if not, your job ad just sits out there collecting dust and you just wasted $500.  Kinda like finding out your car’s trade in value is less than what you owe on the loan.  Bummer.

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The Top US Cities to Get Hired & The Top US Cities to Make a Hire [Infographic]

Nexxt's Q2 2013 Career Trends Report

Welcome to our latest analysis of the real best places to hire and get hired nationwide. See which metro areas came out on top in Q2 2013.

This Nexxt employment data report analyzes where the jobs are and where the candidates are compared with Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Civilian Labor Numbers for the same time period.  We've also examined job posting data in relation to the where the candidates are to show what types of jobs employers are recruiting for and what types of jobs candidates are searching for. 

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