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Stop Receiving Unqualified Resumes

Imitation-GameWith the Academy Awards approaching I’m trying to see as many nominated films as I can—so I recently saw “The Imitation Game”. If you’re not familiar with the (true) story, it takes during WWII and it is the story of the incredibly smart team of people that worked to crack Nazi codes in England. Alan Turing (he is considered the creator of computer science) led this team of geniuses and he knew that recruiting these brilliant minds was going to be hard (a concept recruiters are sadly all too familiar with). But Turing’s recruitment method while unconventional was actually quite simple.

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Hire That Mustache!

Yes, it is Movember once again. That time when well-grHire That Moustacheoomed, clean shaven males sprout
Chevrons, Handlebars, and Fu Manchus. And when the typically hirsute take special care to shave their beards regularly, leaving only the region above the lip to flourish...

...This got us to thinking. As recruiters and hiring managers, do we think better or worse of the young man who interviews with an uncharacteristic Walrus? As people, we may applaud the fun way to raise money and awareness for men's health. But, when it comes to picturing this person working in our organization, does their Movember 'stache help or hurt them compared to the serious, clean-shaven guy?

We're curious for your thoughts. And, we'd like to issue a challenge. Go ahead, hire the guy with the mustache. After all, he's demonstrated some valuable things by participating in Movember.

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Check out our fun Infographic on the topic of Movember.


National Survey Reveals 75% of HR Professionals View Job Seekers as Unqualified uncovers potential reasons why so many Americans are not getting hired

Beyond, The Career Network, today announced that there may be a significant disconnect during the hiring process. Following a national survey of nearly 4,000 job seekers and HR professionals, 75% of the HR respondents said they were having trouble filling open positions because too many of the candidates were unqualified. Meanwhile, the same survey found that 55% of job seekers felt they were not getting those open positions because they were competing with too many qualified candidates.

One reason why HR professionals might not think candidates are qualified is because of their resumes. 73% of HR professionals feel that job applicants do a "bad job" of tailoring their resumes to specific positions. In fact, only 28% of candidates said they always customize their resumes for a position, which means the majority of candidates may not be taking advantage of the opportunity to highlight their most relevant experience.

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If you want change, don't hire yourself

Black TshirtWhen recruiting talent step out of your comfort zone. Yes, recruiting talent that will fit into your organization's culture is important, but it doesn't mean that you should discount candidates that don't fit every requirement you're seeking.

Joe Weinlick, Vice President of Marketing at shares a story from his past of winning business because he was different from the client and how that was a receipe for success.

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Human Resources IS Brand Marketing

I love HR TshirtToo often the HR department gets bogged down with paperwork, compliance, and legalese, but in reality Human Resources should be all about branding.

“HR is the front-line of brand warfare,” says Joe Weinlick, Vice President of Marketing for Coming from an ad agency where Joe spent years helping companies build their brands, it is only a natural fit that he is now an integral part of the team that helps HR professionals do their jobs better. Joe wrote a piece to share some easy things HR can do to help build brand.

You can read the full post on LinkedIn.

National Survey Finds College Doesn’t Prepare Students for Job Search

A new study from Millennial Branding and reveals how personality can impact hiring and long term career prospects

Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, and, The Career Network focused on helping people grow and succeed professionally, today announced the results of a study entitled, “The Multi-Generational Job Search.” Following a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals, 43% of the 2,978 respondents said that “cultural fit” was the single most important determining factor when making a new hire. And while academic success was helpful, the majority of hiring managers (64%) would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college.

According to the survey, the top three attributes that companies are currently looking for are: a positive attitude (84%), communication skills (83%) and an ability to work as a team (74%). However despite this need, liberal arts majors were shown to be the least likely to land a job, with only 2% of companies actively recruiting those graduates – versus 27% for engineering and computer information systems and 18% for business.

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10 Cute Snow Dog Photos You Have To See -- Vote For Your Favorite Snow Buddy!

Another snow storm has hit the Northeast which means us employees are working from home. Instead of the usual suspects we see at the office each day, we’re sharing our workspaces with some very specials friends.

Vote for the cutest work buddy. Just leave their names in the comments below and please feel free to pass this along (because who doesn't like to see cute puppies in the snow).

Maddy (Being photobombed by her brother, Joey)

Joey and Maddy in the snow

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Who will win the war for Resume 2.0? Ten Visual Resume Tools Reviewed.

Before it was easy to build your own blog, before Facebook was hot, before the ability to tweet a Boring message to the world…getting your skills and qualifications in the hands of the right people was much different than it is today.

Not so long ago, job search meant sweating over an IBM typewriter—or in later years—a word processing program, driving to the local stationary store, picking up the parchment paper, and getting just the right stamp for the outside of the envelope. And, most of the time your envelope would be opened by a real person, who would experience your application from both a visual and tactile sense as they unfolded your resume and cover letter and perused the contents. Back in the day, these were just a few of the resume rituals that were quite commonplace.

Fast forward to now. At the push of the button, you can apply to almost any job, anywhere. A job seeker has access to more jobs, more companies, and more opportunities. And, of course, employers have their pick of more candidates, with more experience, from more places. Job seekers have more jobs at their fingertips, but are competing against far more people. Employers have more talent at their disposal, but struggle to identify the best talent amidst the sea of applications.

In the process the resume has been downgraded to mere words in binary format, competing for the attention of computer systems that are the gatekeepers to recruiters. The traditional resume still persists but, as renowned HR expert Peter Weddle recently said, it is about as “inspiring as a brick.” In fact, in a recent poll, over 57% of the HR professionals we polled said that an infographic or visual-style resume would help them more quickly evaluate candidates over a traditional resume. And, 79% of jobseekers said that they wish they had a better way to present themselves online. Resumes are primed for an upgrade.

In the age of social media, your personal brand is king. You are the marketing department for the product of "You." You are the sales person for yourself. And the cacophony of available self-publishing, self-branding, self-broadcasting tools is exhaustive and overwhelming. Every day, a new social network pops up or some new-fangled job search site promises to give you all the jobs, handle the apply for you, and make your job search quick, easy, and painless. And yet, most job seekers still must rely on a few pages of largely unformatted copy and bullets to get hired.

At present, that is the reality. A more evocative resume doesn’t play well with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), and 93% of hiring managers are still going to ask for the traditional resume at some point during the hiring process.  But, recruiters and HR folks are already stepping outside of their systems to get a fuller picture by searching Google and looking people up on social media to find out who they really are. A growing number of companies are developing alternatives to the traditional resume. Over the next few years, these formats will continue to gain traction, become better integrated with ATS systems and other technology, and grow more widely used and accepted by job seekers and recruiters.

Here’s a look at 10 companies that are leading the charge in enabling professionals to craft a more visual resume and make a better online elevator pitch. I graded each tool based on eight important criteria to demonstrate their value (see addendum).

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