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Beyond Hosts Webinar on How to Effectively Recruit Talent Globally

A Quick Guide for International Employer Branding

Thanks to technology, the ability to work with people ANYWHERE in the world is now truly a reality. So, if a company in the United States wants to hire people who live in Sweden, Japan, and New Zealand for example, it is now easier than ever before to connect with those candidates and hire them.

However, recruiting on a global level does admittedly have its challenges. For starters, there's usually a language barrier, a difference in culture and customs, currency, and policies. So how do you brand your company to potential employees overseas? How does your Employer Value Proposition mesh with an international audience?

This quick guide from Beyond answers all of these questions to help you create an employer brand that goes beyond borders. If you're interested in recruiting on a global scale, check out our comprehensive guide on SlideShare. Branding Beyond Borders: A Quick Guide for International Employer Branding.

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