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Six Ways to Handle Your Anger At Work

I get that the workplace is stressful.  We’re all thrown together for 8+ hours a day and have to coexist and with conflicting personalities this isn’t always easy.  We all react to things in different ways, so the likelihood of everyone being peachy at the same time is slim.  When you’re sporting a smile someone is likely to be sporting a frown or even worse a furrowed brow. 

Angry Andy

The topic of anger is interesting when it comes to work—the majority of the time you have to suppress it, but sometimes we can’t help it and it just comes out and hits anyone that gets in our path.  When this happens it is unfortunate because the people you seem to take it out on are people you feel comfortable with—most likely not a boss or a superior, but a peer or lower level employee and they’re probably not the people you’re even angry with.

So when you get mad at work, how should you handle it?  Here are some tips:

  1. Watch for early signs of anger—Paying attention to how you’re feeling is helpful when you start to feel yourself getting angry.  If you’re aware of it, you’ll be better able to control it.

  2. Take a breather—Being able to separate yourself or take a timeout from the workplace will give you some time to compose yourself, so when you return to work you’ll have a clear head and have a better idea of how you want to proceed.

  3. Put yourself in your coworkers’ shoes—If they were angry would you want to work with them?  I’m guessing no.

  4. Laugh it off—This isn’t easy, but if you’re able to take things in stride you’ll be a much healthier person.  It’s been proven that those who live less angry lives will live longer—don’t believe look it up!  I have a coworker that doesn’t take things too seriously and is so confidant with who he is that he doesn’t let things get to him and he doesn’t get angry—I really admire that.

  5. Imagine what you look like when you’re mad—Is this the image you want to portray to your colleagues?  Probably not.

  6. Decide if your anger is justified—If your anger is justified, determine how you’re going to deal with it.  Will you just let it go? Or will you confront who/what made you angry?  If you do confront someone, remember to do it in a professional manner.

Now I know it’s easier said than done to manage your anger, especially while you’re angry—there’s so much adrenalin pumping through your body that you don’t usually stop to think of the consequences, but being aware of your feelings is a start, so if you have an issue with getting angry in the workplace, that’s where I’d start.  At least that’s where I’m going to start.

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What Employees Want From Their Boss

If You’re a Manager Don’t Miss This Post

The relationship between a boss and his/her staff has been one that we frequently write about—over the years we’ve written posts on why you should or shouldn’t be friends with your boss on Facebook, we’ve opened your eyes to the fact that your boss could be worse, and appropriate ways for your boss to show his/her gratitude.   I think that the reason why we keep revisiting the topic of one’s boss is because it is an interesting and ever-changing dynamic. 

For instance, if you told someone they were being “bossy” they’d most likely be insulted, however in the workplace that’s your manager’s job.  It’s almost as if certain societal rules just don’t apply at work.

When it comes to bosses though there are certain things that separate the good ones from the rest of them and we at—The Career Network asked more than 1,600 professionals what they think is the best quality in a leader and here’s what they said (if you’re a manager, you should absolutely read this):

  • They provide consistent feedback and treat everyone equally, 29.67%—It’s safe to say that most of us want to be treated equally and receive consistent performance feedback—I once had a manager that when you finished a project and they’d review it each month you’d receive conflicting feedback and an environment like that can (and will drive you crazy). So a boss that can provide consistency is crucial!

  • They set clear expectations to avoid misunderstandings down the line,  28.33%— Secondly, the boss that isn’t sure what they want you to do will pretty much drive you just as crazy as the boss that is inconsistent.  When clear expectations aren’t set up front, you’re just asking for trouble.  Additionally, not having expectations and goals set basically tells your employees that they won’t be held accountable.  When that happens either nothing gets done or when it comes to prioritizing, your staff doesn’t know what is most important—mainly because they don’t have the skills to prioritize because there aren’t any goals.

  • They encourage creative problem solving to help me grow as a professional, 20.15%— Another big thing that good bosses do is let their employees figure things out for themselves, with some guidance of course.  If a problem arises, a good manager will let their staff figure out how to solve it.  Empowering your staff with the skills to succeed on their own is one of the best things a boss can do.  Instilling confidence is a great privilege that a boss has.

  • They go to bat for me and have my best interest in mind, 13.43%—It’s also always nice to have someone in your corner.  I once had a manager that hung his employees out to dry in front of clients.  Needless to say, it was a revolving door when it came to the staff.  The only thing the boss cared about was keeping himself on top.

  • They give credit where credit is due, 8.42%—Hearing that you did a good job is always nice and having a manager that recognizes your successes and touts it out is even better.  The sense of confidence and loyalty your staff will have from just a simple “Thank you” is amazing.

So if you’re a manager, here are five things that you should be doing to keep your staff happy and challenged.  And if you’re a recruiter, these are some nice things you can mention about the organization you recruit for (only if they’re true—of course—if they’re not—share this blog with the managers you work with to let them know what they could be doing better).

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SHRM 2012 Recap

So we’re back from SHRM in Atlanta, GA and despite the fact that my feet are still recovering, we had a great time and a great show. Some highlights for me besides meeting so many awesome people in the HR space was the Fisher & Phillips party on the field in the Georgia Dome, wandering through the Georgia Aquirium on Sunday morning, and eating Googie Burger in the Centenial Olympic Park while watching the fountain show. 

SHRM 2012 is sure to be a memorable one, since the official start of the conference with the drum line, the annual SHRM conference and exposition, just kept getting better.  Attendees were saying great things about Condoleezza Rice, they were excited about the sessions they were attending, the new friends they were making, the swag they were collecting, and the anticipation of seeing Jerry Seinfeld.

As an exhibitor and attendee of the conference it is the best of both worlds being able to attend the sessions and greet fellow attendees at our booth on the expo floor.  This year it was great to see so many people wearing our T-shirts.  In fact, we gave so many away that we could have given out every shirt we brought with us on the first day of the expo.  And speaking of shirts, thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth and wore one of our T-shirts for the chance to be spotted to win $100.  We picked one winner each hour the expo was opened, so we got to make a lot of people happy.

As for our fellow vendors—there were a lot of great booths and giveaways (as always), but here were some of the highlights—in my opinion.

  • VPI Pet Insurance:  Again had dogs in their booth this year (great draw!)  If I was on a break from working our booth I was here petting the pups.

  • CareerBuilder: Combined two of my favorite things, Plinko and food.  (Also if I recall, didn’t you guys have a “Price Is Right” style wheel last year in Vegas?—Can’t blame you “Price Is Right” IS awesome). 

  • Franklin and Covey: I think they had the best booth.  They didn’t try to sell me anything (which I like, but also don’t understand). I just had to stand in a line (for 20 minutes) for the chance to win a Kindle Fire—pretty cool if you ask me.  What would have been cooler?  If I had actually won.

  • Glassdoor: Loved the peach stand idea and the guy dressed as the giant peach the first day—nice touch.

So that’s what excited us, but what were the attendees looking forward to and were their expectations fulfilled?



Also, here are some of  the highlights from our $100 winners. 


Nexxt is a recruitment media company that uses today’s most effective marketing tactics to reach the full spectrum of talent – from active to passive, and everything in between. Learn more about hiring with Nexxt.