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Am I The Only Person That Thinks There’s Too Much Unnecessary Talking In the Workplace?

Have a coworker that likes to talk just to hear themselves talk?  Maybe you’re even that coworker.

Yeah well I have news for you, there comes a point where you should just stop talking and walk away. And while you’re at it stop using big words and elusive phrases to sounds impressive.  While you think you’re sounding really smart, the person you’re talking to is thinking, “Why is the conversation still happening?" Jokes on you because while I’m in agreement with what you’re saying, I stopped listening to you ten minutes ago. Now you might as well be standing in front of a mirror talking to yourself because I’ve been thinking about my plans for tonight as I occassionally nod my head.” 

That’s what’s really happening, so if you think that what you’re saying is actually being heard, you’re SO wrong.

Talking just to talk is pointless—only if it’s in a social situation and even then it’s questionable.  So if you’re someone who likes to hold court, know when you should stop.  Just because you have the floor doesn’t mean that people are listening to you—in fact in today’s world of Smart Phones, Reality Television, and Social Networks where you get all of the day’s news in 140 characters—the chances of your coworkers tuning into what you’re saying is small—no matter how important it is.  In actuality, you probably have a better chance of your colleagues absorbing your thoughts by sending your ideas via text.

Just a thought from the Millenial Generation.