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A Winter Season Recruitment Carnival

We ( authors) feel there is a wealth of quality information in the recruitment space that can improve your professional development. So much so that it’s impossible to consume it all. What better way to give you the most value then to spoon feed you the best recruitment knowledge via themed blog carnivals? (blog carnival: an aggregation of recent blog posts by a community on a given topic that helps readers find posts they are interested in.) We scoured the social recruitment space to report important information that will help you throughout this winter season. Enjoy!

Performance Evaluations – It’s that time again!
This season try sending the right message as we all prepare those dreaded performance evaluations. Employees appreciate the attention to detail in these evaluations, so start off the 2009 work year on a positive and motivating note. Alison Green of Ask a Manager provides solid pointers that should help you avoid damaging those evaluations.

Be Thankful Generation Y
What are you thankful for this year? Well generation Y can give thanks for a bright career future. The author known as Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist provides evidence in here recent post that proves entry-level positions are booming this season.

Stay Connected This Holiday Season
We’ve all had a busy year causing many friendships to grow distant. This season get tips to nurture those relationships back to health. What better time to reconnect then a season of celebratory spirits and great hope?

While on the topic, we recently came across this great resource – Holiday Networking – Free EBook.

Are You Being Questioned?
Joanna Stubbs of Employment Intelligence, identifies questions our HR friends across the pond asked these winter months. As you can probably imagine inquires about holiday bonuses, sick time and financial assistance is quite similar to what we in the states might expect. Know what questions to ask.

Is Your Company Going To Play the Scrooge?
Ok, so the election is over but we need your vote one more time. With the economy dominating a lot of our business decisions lately, what affect will it have on Holiday bonuses? One would hope that if the bonus doesn’t have a direct monetary value employees will receive some additional benefits. (My vote: extra days off for the holiday!) Take your vote.

Do blog carnivals add value for you the reader? We would love to know – feel free to contact us!