Want Happy Employees? Throw an Awesome Office Holiday Party



The holiday season is officially here and that means it’s time for companies to host their annual holiday party. Many companies take this time as an opportunity to celebrate another successful year in the books and thank their employees for their hard work, but holiday parties can have another added bonus—they’re great for cultivating company culture.

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3 Key Findings Small Businesses Need to Know About Today’s Employees

At one point in time, success for the US worker was synonymous with climbing the corporate ladder and paying one’s dues. The common career path included a lifelong commitment with one organization, with sights set on a series of promotions over several decades. Today’s workers, Millennials now the majority, have different ideals about success and many don’t march to the same beat as the generations before them. A recent study asked more than 11,000 job seekers how they define career success and it found that the modern day worker’s notions have evolved.

Here are 3 key findings that small businesses should be aware of:

Money ranks low as a means of fulfillment. As it turns out, traditional markers for success, such as salary, aren’t the only motivation for today’s workers. The study, which was evenly split between employed and unemployed job seekers, revealed a strong majority (77%) believe they have achieved career success. The top reason cited was pride in their work (48%), which ranked well above money (2%) as an indicator.At face value, offering good pay might sound like the end-all solution to keeping the best employees around, but it matters less than you think.

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Your Secret Weapon for Starting a Conversation with In-Demand Candidates


More than 70% of people use mobile devices to search for jobs. And while smartphone use can be a touchy issue with
some potential downsides, there’s no denying the value that this wave of technology has brought into our lives for connecting us with friends, family and the workplace.

So, what does this mean for organizations seeking new talent? The reality is, today’s top-tier recruiters are leveraging mobile, and especially text-based solutions, to reach the in-demand candidates faster than the competition. Let’s take a look at why that matters and how it can get you in front of the right candidates at the right time.

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Modern Workers Redefine Success and What You Need To Know To Hire Them

According to a recent survey of more than 11,000 active and passive job seekers, the definition of success has changed.

No longer are we tied to one company that will take care of us in our retirement or guarantees us a salary increase for being loyal.

Today, modern workers rely on themselves to provide for their futures and with that comes something that might sound irresponsible to those who came before them, but they want to be happy.

Beyond asked these thousand of job seekers how they define a career and what they are looking to get out of their current or next job.

So as a recruiter these things are good to know.

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How Job Seekers Feel About The Upcoming Presidential Election & What You Need to Know As An Employer

We at Beyond recently surveyed more than 5,000 job seekers (both active and passive) to understand how they feel about the upcoming presidential election, how it is influencing their job search and how they interact with their coworkers.  So as an employer, here's what you need to know. Check out the full [INFOGRAPHIC] here.

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You Won't Believe The One Thing Everyone Agrees On This Election

Beyond announced results from a national survey of more than 5,000 job seekers, which revealed that a majority (72%) of job seekers said talking about politics at work is inappropriate, and almost half (46%) said they’ve felt uncomfortable at work due to political chatter. While job seekers want to remain professional about politics in the office, posts on personal social media accounts are acceptable. In fact, 65% of respondents feel it’s appropriate to post passionate political views on social media or other public forums where their colleagues can read it. The survey shows that the traditional admonition to avoid political speech at work applies to the most unconventional presidential election in recent history, while social media is the go-to medium for sharing opinions.

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